The Class of 2016 (classes starting in spring (April), 2015) is presently full.  Applications are still being accepted for the Class of 2016.  Applicants who successfully pass the pre-entrance examination, complete an Application for Admission online (see Application Procedure Checklist and Testing Information for details), submit the application fee, and official academic transcripts from high school and post-secondary schools attended, will be placed on a waiting list. The waiting list will be reviewed at the beginning of January and March for possible placement into the class.  Those who are not offered a seat in the class of 2016 may roll their application forward for the next class beginning January 2016.


Classes will start in spring (April), 2015, under our new curriculum, pending Pennsylvania State Board of Nursing approval. The proposed curriculum changes will result in a 16-month program (60 weeks of instruction with mid-term, summer, and winter breaks), requiring 4 prerequisite college credit* courses.


To be considered for spring (April), 2015 admission, all prerequisites need to be successfully completed (with a grade of “C” or better) by the end of the fall, 2014 semester. An official transcript showing proof of completion must be received by the Washington Health System School of Nursing before the end of 2014 in order to begin enrollment in 2015.


*Prerequisite college credits include: Human Anatomy (or Anatomy and Physiology I), Human Physiology (or Anatomy and Physiology II), English Composition, and Human Growth and Development.

NOTE: All science credits (Anatomy, Physiology) must have been complete within the past five years.

*CLASS OF 2017 (Starting January, 2016)*
A change in the admission procedure will include a ranking of all applicants for the Class of 2017 (classes starting in January, 2016) with attention to the ATI TEAS score.  A new minimum score will be required.  If the ATI TEAS is taken a second time the higher score will be considered.  More information on these changes will be posted at a later date.

Washington Health System School of Nursing

Washington Health System School of Nursing presently provides a 24-month program of study leading to a diploma.  Beginning in April, 2015 (Pending Pennsylvania State Board of Nursing Approval), the program will decrease to a 16-month program of study leading to a diploma.  The school is fully approved by the Pennsylvania State Board of Nursing and is accredited by the Accrediting Commission for Education in Nursing (ACEN).


Founded in 1897, the school proudly claims over 4,000 alumni and a reputation for a quality nursing program.  Beginning in April 2015, students accepted into the nursing program will have completed 4 prerequisite college courses in general education, arts, and sciences.  From this foundation, students will apply the knowledge acquired in their nursing courses.


Be sure to view the video on YouTube for a tour of Washington Health System School of Nursing and hear from some of our graduates.


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