Admission Requirements

  1. Minimum age of eighteen (18) on/or before start of the program in the year the application is made.
  2. High school graduate or equivalent.
  3. The minimum requirement for admission is a 2.00 GPA.
  4. Individuals without a degree must meet the admission criteria for WHSSRT and California University.
    • Individuals with an associate degree or higher may make direct application to WHSSRT. Please go to to review the recognized educational programs listed for the accredited by a mechanism acceptable to ARRT.
  5. Students must have the following as a pre-requisite:
    • Anatomy and Physiology 100 level or higher (minimum of 8 college credits, minimum of “C” or better)
  6. Shadow Rotation with a short summary submission of their experience(please complete job shadowing form)
  7. Completed health history form with vaccination records


Applicants who are offered enrollment will be required to do the following:

  1. Completed Health History form with vaccination records:  Please print forms single sided. Contact Employee Health to schedule your physical, drug testing, PPD test (T-spot). Employee health is located on the second floor of the School of Nursing building. Call 724-223-3640 to schedule. Make sure to bring with you to the physical, the completed health history form and a copy of your shot records. If you need titers, have them completed in advance of your appointment. If you do not have records of vaccinations, please get them prior to your physical. Furthermore, please note that the mandatory flu shot will be available to you in the fall of 2017 and 2018 at no cost. Schedule an appointment at Washington Health System employee health and complete the following:

    • Physical (indicating that they are in good health with no physical or mental limitations which would endanger patients and other hospital personnel or interfere with the performance of a radiographer's duties)
    • Negative drug screen

  2. Submit the following by July 1 (Do not apply for these clearances until offered enrollment)
    Required clearances/background checks- students must submit all originals to the program:
    • Act 33 (Child Abuse Clearance)
    • Act 34 (Criminal Background Check)     
    • Act 73 (FBI Fingerprint Clearance) Pennsylvania Department of Human Service FBI Fingerprint-Based Background Check