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This email form should be used for general inquiries about Washington Health System programs and services. It should not be used for communication with a physician, nor should it be used to ask questions about specific patient issues or concerns. The Washington Health System will not be responsible for any breach of privacy that occurs because information documented on this form included protected health information or other information that could identify a specific patient or person.



Although the Washington Health System will try to respond promptly to e-mails, staff may not read your e-mail immediately. Therefore, you should not use e-mail to communicate with the Washington Health System if there is an emergency or where you require an answer in a short period of time. If this is an emergency, call 911 or go to the hospital emergency room.



Washington Health System Washington Hospital Phone Numbers


24 hr Switchboard

(724) 225-7000


(724) 223-3031


(724) 223-3034

Case Management

(724) 223-3291

Community Relations

(724) 223-3774


(724) 223-3875

Hospitality Shop

(724) 223-3107


(724) 223-3120

Pastoral Care

(724) 223-3068

Physician Referral

(724) 250-4310

Ruth York Morgan Health Education Learning Place

(724) 223-3144


(724) 223-3289

Television Rental

(724) 223-3298

Visitor Information

(724) 223-3114

Volunteer Services

(724) 223-7114

Wilfred R. Cameron Wellness Center

(724) 225-9355