The 1897 Society Steering Committee Members (as of March 1, 2016)

Dennis E. Dutton, Co-Chair

Mary Lea Dutton, Co-Chair


Ralph Andy
Wendy Cameron
John A. Campbell
Dr. Paul Cullen
Jim McCaffrey
Pat McCune
Pat O’Brien
Alex Paris, III
Dr. Sandra Stout
William S. Stout
Gary Weinstein
Kathy Welsh



Members of The 1897 Society (as of March 1, 2016)

  • Anonymous*
  • Ralph and Carol Andy*
    Ed and Nancy Bedwell
  • Ross F. Bevevino
  • Phillip J. and Jill D. Binotto
  • P. Douglas and Lesley Andy Brock
  • Nan J. Cameron*
  • Edwina and Richard Cameron*
  • Wendy Cameron*
  • John A. and Barbara L. Campbell*
  • Mark A. and Nancy E. Campbell
  • David F. and Mary Campsey
  • Dr. Lisa M. Cibik and Bernard J. Kobosky*
  • Dolores E. Clark
  • Douglas T. Corwin, M.D.†  and Madeline Corwin*
  • Dr. Paul and Debra Cullen*
  • W. Ryan and Jennifer Salvitti Davis*
  • Armand and Marilyn Dellovade*
  • Jeffrey and Cynthia Derrico*
  • Dick and Shana Donnell*
  • Dennis E. and Mary Lea Dutton*
  • Charles W.† and Margaret L. Elliott*
  • Dawn Fuchs
  • Bryan and Sue Pizzi*
  • Gerald M. and Judith Prado*
  • E. Ronald Salvitti, M.D. and Constance A. Salvitti† *
  • Mrs. Athena Sarris
  • David and Jocelin Smydo*
  • Harry and Meg Steele*
  • Thomas Philip Stout† and Diann Rivelle Stout*
  • Senator and Mrs. J. Barry Stout*
  • Jenice Stout*
  • William and Dr. Saundra Stout*
  • Donald and Janet Fuchs*
  • Arthur and Meryl Gabriel*
  • Drs. Gray and Wende Goncz*
  • John Mark and Donna Hunter
  • James and Sheryl Leckie*
  • Joseph W. Leppert, III*
  • Larry and Mary Jeanne Maggi
  • Richard and Nadine Mahoney*
  • James and Terry McCaffrey*
  • Barron P. McCune, Jr. and Ann B. McCune, M.D.*
  • Daniel and Leann Miller
  • Guy Nelson Mills† and Retta F. Mills*
  • Grant and Emily Minor*
  • Sam and Bev Minor
  • Christine and Jeff Minteer, M.D.*
  • Carl and Nancy† Moulton*
  • Rick and Teresa Newton*
  • Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Northrop
  • Patrick G. and Christine L. O'Brien*
  • Dr. Richard J. and Patricia Panicco
  • Alex and Valerie Paris*
  • Dr. Wayne and Cindy Pfrimmer*
  • Rodney and Terrie Piatt* Eugene and Vicki
  • Trapuzzano*
  • Thomas and Lynn Uram*
  • Andrew and Julie† Uram*
  • Brook and Mary Jo Ward
  • Gary and Maryann Weinstein, M.D.*
  • Larry and Kathy Welsh*
  • Thomas R. Wiley
  • Lawrence and Rebecca Strosser Williams*
  • Gen Cameron Wilson and Mark S. Wilson*
  • Bruce† and Nola Yeager*


* Founding Members (Members who joined The 1897 Society between May 2012 and June 30, 2013.)




Dr. Sandra Stout and William S. Stout

The 1897 Society Committee Co-Chairs, Dennis E. and Mary Lea Dutton, with past Co-Chairs Dr. Sandra Stout and William S. Stout.



1897 Society Committee members

The 1897 Society Committee members: (seated) Wendy Cameron, Sandy Stout, Kathy Welsh; (standing) Jim McCaffrey, Gary Weinstein, Pat O’Brien, Bill Stout, Ralph Andy, Dennis Dutton, John Campbell. Not pictured are Paul Cullen, M.D., Mary Lea Dutton, Pat McCune, and Alex Paris, III.