Washington Health System Deploys New Technology

Washington Health System (WHS) has been searching for an affordable, versatile, temperature monitoring system that would not only comply with regulations, but would eliminate the need for manual staff recording at various locations around its facilities - a system that would give real time alerts for appropriate corrective actions to prevent specimen and supply loss and keep surgical suites up and running.  The solution WHS chose is TempVision- a remote, facility-wide temperature monitoring system developed by Mi-Jack Systems and Technology (MJST).

The TempVision System enables facilities to place wireless sensors at critical access points around the facility.  The sensors then record activity around the clock tracking temperatures, humidity and door (open/close) security.  If an event occurs, alerts are instantly generated and sent via text and/or email to the appropriate personnel, direct to Vocera badges when present.  Alerts can be viewed on any web enabled device on-site or remote PC, Tablet or Smart Phone.  The system also generates reports for trend analysis, historical data and documentation of corrective actions.  The information can be retained indefinitely and is always at your fingertips, ready for regulatory and accreditation surveys and inspections.

WHS turned to MJST and implemented a 60-day trial of the TempVision™ System. Washington chose 5 high risk areas for the trial:  Pharmacy, OR, Lab, Specimen Freezer and Nursery, since each of these areas would be adversely affected if temperature and/or humidity were out of range.  “The flexibility and helpfulness of the MJST team and the TempVision™ system made the decision to proceed with this partnership an easy one.  We have been very impressed with the ease of the system and how helpful it has been for us at the Washington Health System,” says Brook T. Ward, Executive Vice-President and Chief Operating Officer. 

“Knowing that the humidity level and temperature is monitored at all times give me peace of mind that early morning surgeries will be on schedule,” says Dorothy Zupancic, Manager of OR Central.

In addition to monitoring the temperature and humidity, the hospital was also concerned about the compatibility between TempVision™’s communication System and their internal Vocera (third party) System. The TempVision™software is flexible enough to accommodate third party systems.

The evaluation was completed in June, 2013.  Review of the data proved that the TempVision System saved time on daily tasks and significantly reduced the amount of product loss.  The automated notifications dramatically decreased the amount of time that lapsed between an occurrence and the corrective action that was taken.  Patient safety also improved by better preserving the integrity of medications and other refrigerated supplies as well as allowing staff to spend more time on patient care than making rounds manually recording temperatures.

“Having our temperature and humidity monitored at all times is extremely valuable to the Laboratory,” says David Truxell, Director of Laboratory.

TempVision™ is a modular system that can be implemented in stages across the facility.  The facility determines the level of monitoring that is needed and in which areas to place the sensors. 


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