Admission Procedure

  1. Application forms and other information regarding admission may be obtained online at from Washington Health System School of Nursing (WHSSN), 155 Wilson Avenue, Washington, PA 15301-3398 or by calling (724) 223-3168. Completed applications are to be returned to the same address accompanied by a non-refundable $50.00 application fee.

  2. The School of Nursing will consider only completed application files. Application files consist of the following:
    A. Completed application and application fee.
    B. Official academic transcripts from high school and post-secondary schools attended.
    C. Pre-admission testing

  3. Applicants who meet all the Admission Requirements will be given a health record, which is the final admission requirement.

  4. The health record is to be completed and submitted to The Washington Hospital Employee Health Service (EHS) for their review. (Student may opt to have work-up done at EHS or with his/her own physician.)

  5. To confirm the applicant’s enrollment, a signed enrollment contract and non-refundable matriculation fee of $100.00 are required.


NOTE: The School of Nursing reserves the right to require such additional information, examinations, or measures of eligibility as may be prescribed by the faculty. The School of Nursing reserves the right to implement the selection process as it relates to limited number of seats available to the most qualified applicant(s).


Application documents will be held for 2 years.


The Recruitment and Admissions Committee of the School of Nursing will notify applicants of their official acceptance into the nursing program when all requirements are met.