Curriculum Outcomes

Washington Health System School of Nursing graduate:

  • Utilizes a holistic approach when managing care for a group of individuals/families in various stages of the developmental life process.

  • Supports individuals/families to enable them to optimize their health potential.

  • Facilitates the adaptation of individuals/families through reciprocal relationships that influence the internal and external environment.

  • Promotes self-healing strategies which utilize appropriate referrals within the community.

  • Incorporates human science into problem solving and critical thinking while using the nursing process.

  • Upholds the professional nurse role to meet the community need for quality health care while in collaboration with other members of the health care team.

  • Functions in the role of entry-level professional nurse in a variety of health care settings.


The curriculum is developed from the philosophy and conceptual framework of the school and is designed to provide 16 months of instruction. The student must meet the requirements of one semester before progressing to the next higher semester of the curriculum. All nursing courses must be taken in sequence.


The School of Nursing reserves the right to change its curriculum, educational policies, and expenses at any time.