Events Calendar

Kindergarten Prep Group

Every Thursday
10:30-11:30 A.M.

This is a unique opportunity for children in their last year of Preschool or 
Pre-‘K’ to continue to prepare for entering Kindergarten by helping them to develop appropriate social skills while working on their specific fine motor therapy goals

Who is Eligible?  Children who will be entering Kindergarten in fall of 2017.

When does it start?  Ongoing by referral

Time:  10:30-11:20

How many weeks will it run?  Until child enters Kindergarten

Where?  McMurray Site

Who will be leading it?  Josh Lewandowski, COTA and Jodi Shemansky, MS, CCC-SLP

 What can I expect my child to be learning in this group?  Emphasis will be on such things as recognizing the alphabet, numbers, shapes, same/different, body parts, common animals, handwriting, copying shapes and/or letters, sharing, turn-taking, introductions, making friends, learning to ask each other ‘getting to know’ you questions, making eye contact, etc.


Please contact Jodi or Josh  for more information and/or to register your child @ 724-942-6125.

Class size will be limited.

If your child is currently receiving individual occupational/ speech therapy sessions, one of their sessions will be provided through their participation in the group.

Most insurance companies cover the group sessions.  If they should not, you can apply for a discounted self-pay rate.