Emergency Preparedness Overview

Washington Health System Washington Hospital has developed an Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) that delineates authorities, responsibilities and procedures to be followed by staff, volunteers and ancillary support organizations to effectively respond to a Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear or Explosive (CBRNE) incidents. Our plan is designed to facilitate adequate response to and treatment of emergency casualties at the time of an internal or external emergency, as well as prevent further contamination and/or transmission of Nuclear, Biological, or Chemical agents to personnel, patients, visitors, and the facility.


Washington Health System Washington Hospital Emergency Operation Plan incorporates Mitigation planning activities, Preparedness education, Response training, and Recovery procedures. We work diligently with Washington County Department of Public Safety (WCDPS), Pennsylvania Region 13 Terrorism Task Force and Metropolitan Medical Response System (MMRS), Pennsylvania Department of Health and Office of Public Health Preparedness in all-hazard's disaster planning and response.


Washington Health System Washington Hospital is an active member on the Washington County Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC), Region 13 MMRS and the Health & Medical Steering Committee. We have developed relationships with our community response partners such as other hospitals/healthcare facilities, EMS, Public Health, Fire and Law Enforcement. These relationships help to strengthen our degree of success in responding to a disaster situation.


In addition to interagency relationships and responsibilities the community itself must prepare. Develop your own personal/family plan; encourage your employees to have personal/family plans. A well-prepared staff/workforce is vital to any organization's preparedness and success.