Patient Dismissal Protocol

In rare instances, it may be in the best interest of the patient and the practice to terminate the doctor/patient relationship. To ensure that this process is handled fairly and without discrimination, an official protocol will be followed.


The potential reasons for patient dismissal may include the following:

  • Severe non-compliance of the patient that jeopardizes his/her health significantly despite recurrent attempts to correct the problem by the physician and the office staff
  • Severe belligerence, including abusive verbal language, physician threats, etc., by the patient with hostility directed at either the physician or at the office staff
  • Recurring problems with failure to following usual approaches for the medical care, such as extreme overuse of the second call resident for convenience and failure to follow-up on ordered/scheduled tests
  • Failure to keep at least four scheduled appointments within a one year period


Final process

Once the decision has been made to dismiss the patient, a certified letter will be sent to the patient informing and explaining the decision. The patient will be provided with information on how to obtain alternative care. Care will be provided for a 30-day period to allow the patient to make arrangements to find a new physician.


At times, the problem may be so egregious that immediate dismissal is warranted. In these cases, the patient may be dismissed immediately and will be notified at the time.