Washington Health System Hospice Care

Taking the first step…is talking.


It isn’t easy to talk about death, even to those closest to us. However, talking about this sensitive issue gives you and your family the power to choose what is best. It is important to talk to your loved one about what they want at the end of their life. We can help you and your family at this difficult time.


If you need someone to facilitate the discussion please call

(724) 250-4500 and ask to speak to an admission coordinator.


Here are a few ways to make this discussion as comfortable as possible:

  • This conversation should take place early on, so that everyone around you/them knows what your/their wishes are, including your doctor.

  • This conversation should take place in a comfortable, safe place, surrounded by loved ones.

  • The discussion should be a time of gathering information about the disease process itself, the prognosis, treatment options, and "what ifs."

  • Your doctor should be a part of the conversation.

  • If your prognosis is poor or treatment options have been exhausted, you should not hear "we have nothing left to offer you." Hospice is another level of care that concentrates on treating symptoms and ensuring your comfort.

  • This conversation should not wait until you/they are in an emergency room under stressful conditions or in a hospital room on day of discharge.


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