Donnell House



History of Donnell House
When Shana Donnell’s father, Robert McCabe, was diagnosed with terminal cancer, she and her husband, Richard, had to make the difficult decision of how to manage his care. An oncologist at the hospital in Ohio recommended a local hospice program. They didn’t know at the time, but that decision would change all of their lives. Mr. McCabe was able to live out his final days in a peaceful home-like environment, surrounded by his family. The Donnell’s positive experience led them to Washington Health System Washington Hospital. With the help of the Donnell’s generous contribution, The Donnell House was built so that people in southwestern Pennsylvania could have access to a hospice program similar to the one in Ohio.



  • Visiting hours are 24 hours a day / seven days a week
  • Children are welcome to visit regardless of age
  • Family pets are permitted for short visits


Patient Rooms

  • There are eight large private patient rooms complete with private bathrooms and showers
  • Each room has comfortable furnishings including a sleeper chair for overnight guests.
  • Rooms are equipped with flat screen televisions and DVD players



  • Each patient room has a private patio with a table and comfortable chairs

  • The patio opens onto a larger fenced in garden with walking paths and benches



  • A large living room with a working fireplace is available for visitors and patients
  • The sunroom has tables and chairs for relaxing
  • Small "quiet" rooms provide private areas for family and visitors to talk



  • The Donnell House is located in a quiet residential neighborhood just a couple of blocks from Washington Health System Washington Hospital

  • The building is secured at all times and access is permitted only by being buzzed in through the main door


Food Preparation

  • The patient can eat food prepared at the hospital and delivered to The Donnell House or family can prepare favorite meals in the country kitchen on the first floor. Families can request trays from Washington Health System Washington Hospital for a nominal fee

  • There are two dining areas for family gatherings



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