Home Hospice Services

  • Routine Home Care is a level of care done in the home where the patient resides.

  • A typical hospice patient has a registered nurse (RN) come to home 1 - 3 times a week, depending on need and as needed. There is also an on-call RN for emergencies.

  • RNs will come to the home to do assessments with the patient, including effectiveness of medications, new problems/concerns, and education for caregivers and patients.

  • Home hospice aides will come to the home to perform and assist with activities of daily living. Frequency is based on need.

  • A social worker is available for various reasons and will visit you at least monthly.

  • A counselor will be available for various reasons and will visit you at least monthly.

  • Volunteers are available as needed to provide various services, such as visitation, respite for caregivers, meal preparation, errands, light housekeeping, and telephone reassurance.

  • A spiritual counselor is available as needed and if requested.

  • An emergency medication kit will be kept in the home so there will be no delay in treatment when necessary.

  • Patient keeps his/her own physician.


Home Hospice in a Facility

  • Same services as listed above, except room and board at the facility are an out-of-pocket expense for patient.


Donnell House
Donnell House is a stand-alone inpatient hospice facility --  the only one in Washington County and one of few in western Pennsylvania -- that aggressively treats symptoms. Located at 10 Leet Street in Washington, Donnell House is a 20,000 square foot residence designed in the style of an English country home. Nestled in a tranquil neighborhood setting, Donnell House contains three floors including eight patient rooms that open onto private patios. A community room, family kitchen, great room, sun room, quiet rooms, chapel, and children’s play area provide a comforting environment for patients and families.

  • Patients are cared for with same Team approach that is used in home care.

  • Two levels of care are provided at the Donnell House: Inpatient and Respite.

  • INPATIENT: Medicare has specific guidelines for inpatient status. A symptom is out of control and needs a physician to adjust treatments in attempt to get patient comfortable. Once the patient is at a point that the physician is no longer adjusting treatments, according to Medicare, the level of care must be changed. The Medical Director (or his designee) rounds on patients daily and writes orders for treatments.

  • RESPITE: A homecare patient’s caregivers are in need of relief from care giving. A patient can come to the Donnell House for up to 5 days when this occurs. This is usually a planned level of care change. Co-pay is required by some insurance.

  • Donnell House is not a long term facility.

  • Donnell House is a non-smoking facility.