New State-of-the-Art CT Scanner Installed

To ensure we are offering our patients the safest and fastest CT exams possible, Washington Health System is excited to inform you that we’ve strengthened our CT offering by installing Toshiba’s “Prime 80” CT scanner.


This scanner was built on the principle of ALARA, which is to deliver high-quality images at dose levels as low as reasonably available.


This system features AIDIR, a leading dose reduction technology solution.


This scanner has dose check software that alerts users if dose limits are exceeded.


Safety is never a choice you should have to make when getting a scan, and with this system you don’t.


The large bore opening offers a more spacious feeling for patients.


The design of the Aquilion PRIME allows us to successfully image a range of patients, from pediatric to bariatric, to further improve patient safety and comfort in our community.


We are committed to providing the best care with the latest in imaging technology on each scanner in our hospital.


The Prime 80 scanner provides faster exams, sophisticated reconstruction technologies and safeguards to prevent unnecessary exposure while producing high-quality images required for accurate diagnoses.


Unfortunately, health issues happen – but know that Washington Health System is fully equipped with the leading CT scan technology that can quickly assist your physician in diagnosing your condition.