Patient Testimonials

"Had you not chosen to do the additional testing, the cancer would be growing and spreading for possibly another whole year.  I truly feel that not all doctors would have done that.  You could have aspirated the cyst on my left breast and sent me on my way.  Because of your diligence, my cancer was caught early and my prognosis is very good.  I believe with all my heart that you are a big piece of the journey in saving my life."



"Although my test was uncomfortable you all made me feel special and you were very patient with me.  You answered all my questions and knew I was fearful; but did all in your power to put me at ease.  For all this , I thank you."



"You have a wonderful staff and should be very proud of all. You all made a frightening experience so much better by your caring ways and support.  From the mammo through the MRI and biopsy, from the needle localization through my radiation therapy, your support meant so very much."



"Thank you so much for making room for me and for being so kind, comforting and accommodating.  Thank you also to the doctor and techs and everyone involved for working me into your busy schedule.  God bless each of you."