Family Centered Care
As part of Washington Health System Washington Hospital’s family centered maternity care, we allow a flexible program of rooming-in for you and your baby. You may determine how much you want to take care of your baby while you are in the hospital.


Your baby can be with you in your room as soon after delivery as possible and may stay with you throughout the day and night if you desire. The nursing staff is available to help you whenever needed. If you are not feeling well, want to rest, or are unable to care for your baby temporarily, your baby can be returned to the nursery.



Patient Education
Our staff members are available 24 hours a day. We are skilled in caring for you and your baby during labor and delivery, your recovery period, and through your discharge from the hospital.  Explanations and educational videos are offered to all mothers on a variety of topics, such as baby bathing, breastfeeding, bottle feeding, formula preparation and car seat safety.



Hospital Stay
A typical hospital stay after a vaginal delivery is two days. Mothers usually stay two to three days after a cesarean delivery.  Many medical insurance companies offer home health visits from a nurse to offer help and information related to caring for yourself and your baby. Be sure to check your medical insurance coverage if you have any questions.



Visiting Hours
The hospital welcomes visitors 24 hours per day. However, no more than three visitors are permitted during labor and delivery, at the discretion of the nurses and physicians. During a cesarean delivery, only one visitor may be present. Visitors must be at least 14 years old.