Success Stories & Testimonials



"Nursing staff and doctor were wonderful! Thanks to all!"


"We appreciate the care received - everyone upbeat and friendly."


"Yours is the most caring staff. Thanks You!"


"Very Satisfied - Couldn't have asked for a nicer doctor or staff. They made you feel comfortable. Would not change a thing. You are doing a great job. Would recommend anyone to come there."


"It's wonderful to feel that one is unique. It's good to feel almost normal again. Thank you for treating me like a member of the family."


“The staff was professional and competent in providing the treatments (HBO) which were successful."


"I recommend it to my families and friends. I could not ask for a better place with wound problems."


“I got the best care from the best physicians and nurses. I was very satisfied and I have recommended your facility highly!”


“Staff & Dr Marks were excellent at making pt comfortable & at ease. Wonderful, kind and great at what they do!”




Success Stories


The Story of Linda McNeely


Linda McNeely was referred to the Washington Health System by her family doctor. “I started to see Dr. Marks because of an infection in my toe, I know to keep an eye on my feet because I am a diabetic,” she says.


When Linda’s foot became infected again a year and a half later, she was worried that she would have to have the entire foot amputated. “I woke up with a missing toe but he saved my foot, I am forever thankful,” she says of Dr. Marks. “I am so incredibly lucky to have been recommended to the Washington Health System and Dr. Marks, I truly believe that he changed my life.”


Linda’s recovery went very well, which she credits to Dr. Marks and the staff of nurses and specialists who worked together to facilitate her recovery. “I have been recommending Washington Health System and I will continue to do so. The community of Washington is so lucky to have such a great health care center in the area with exceptional doctors and nurses. I cannot express how happy I am.”




We are Innovation- Hyperbaric Therapy Results in Alleviating


Washington Health System Washington Hospital added a second hyperbaric oxygen therapy chamber to Washington Health System Wound and Skin Healing Center at the Wilfred R. Cameron Wellness Center.


Washington Health System Wound and Skin Healing Center uses hyperbaric oxygen therapy, or what is commonly known as "HBO," to treat patients referred by a variety of medical specialists.


"HBO is used for chronic non-healing wounds that have not responded to traditional treatments, as well as for gangrene and non-responding infections of the skin and bone," explains Dr. James A. Marks, Medical Director of Washington Health System Wound and Skin Healing Center.


"Although patients may have never heard of it, or it has been too far to travel to one of the other existing wound centers, HBO is a completely safe and noninvasive procedure that can produce results where other treatments have failed even to the point of saving limbs from amputation," Marks says.


There is no truer testament to the success of HBO than Tim Kelsall of Claysville. Living with Type II diabetes most of his adult life, Kelsall has suffered with diabetic ulcers on both of his feet. The wounds would never fully heal and he was making trips to the podiatrist at least twice as month.


Fortunately his podiatrist, Dr. Cynthia B. Hatfield, knew about HBO and thought Tim would be a good candidate for it.


After 30 "dives" (as they're referred to) in the hyperbaric chamber, Tim is happy to say, "it worked!"

"My left foot is totally healed and the right foot is very close to it. The therapy made the tissue healthy enough to be able to do other treatments. We wouldn't have gotten to this point without it."


While receiving treatment, patients relax on a comfortable bed encased in a large see-through plastic shell as they are surrounded by 100 % oxygen at higher-than-normal atmospheric pressure, which enables oxygen molecules to pass through the plasma to the body more easily so as to speed healing. As on an airplane, the only sensation patients may experience is a slight pressure in the ears as the pressure changes.


Tim says, "I'm a big guy but you don't feel claustrophobic because the tube is clear and the room is well lit."

Because the treatments last about 2 hours and 15 minutes, Tim brings DVDs that he's able to watch on a screen across from the chamber.


Though Tim is finished with his treatments, he will continue to see Dr. Marks for follow up.


Tim's goal is to join the Wilfred R. Cameron Wellness Center as soon as he's completely healed. He says he's happy to tell his story, hoping that someone else with the same problem might find the relief that he has. "If someone else reads this and it helps them, that's wonderful."